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Aerial View of Baking Ingredients

What Goes into an Order?

I LOVE the creative process of making custom cookies and a lot goes into your order from start to finish!

1. Emailing/planning - I handle all correspondence, website management, ingredient purchasing etc.  Each order starts with a conversation where I get a better idea of how you want your order to look as a final product.  Then I plan out designs and make sure I have all the cookie cutters I will need.

2. Making Dough/Baking - This step involves executing the plan (and often ends with me covered in flour).  I hand roll all my dough and make sure all the cookie cutter shapes look good together.

3. Making the icing - This always takes me longer than I would think, planning colors and then making sure they match my theme perfectly is something I really enjoy but takes a lot of patience for all the hand mixing!

4. Decorating - First I outline then fill in all my backgrounds and let them dry for 30 minutes to a few hours before detailing depending on what I am putting on top of the backgrounds.

5. Packaging - Each of my cookies is individually heat sealed for freshness and carefully arranged in the box, tied with a bow and stamped with my business and ingredients stickers.

This is a process I really enjoy, thanks for reading about what goes into your order, I hope you learned something new about custom cookies!

What goes into an order?: About Us
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